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How old do the girls need to be to attend camp, and do you take beginners? (Back to top)

Most of the girls are in high school or middle school. They are at all levels of ability. We take some older elementary school girls as overnight and day campers. We have an experienced coaching staff, so camp is great for all levels, including beginners.

How do you group the girls for instructional sessions, and camp teams? (Back to top)

Usually by ability and experience, when the girls attend with a team we communicate with their coach and ask them to rate the girls on ability and experience. Also, if a school sends a large number of girls, we ask the school coach to place girls on teams. Normally we only put a couple of players from each school in an instructional group. The instructional groups are about 12 or 15 players to 1 coach. We try to limit the teams to 14 players, so each girl receives a lot of playing time.
How is your goalie camp run? (Back to top)

Our goalie camp is on the same fields as the regular camp. They have their own goalie instructional area. We have 2-3 goalie instructors, depending on GK enrollment. Morning and afternoon sessions concentrate on capturing the pure technical side of goalkeeping. Evening sessions are designed to put learned skills to the test in a variety of competitions where participants learn to read the game and test their skill against others. Our goalie camp teaches our students that a good goalkeeper must not only be technically sound on her goalline, but she must eliminate opportunities on goal before they arise through: Anticipation, Decision-Making and Proper Positioning.
What if I missed the June 1st Balance Due Date? (Back to top)

Please call or email Frannie ASAP. As long as you confirm your daughter will be attending camp, your daughters enrollment will not be in jeopardy. An extension can be made available.
Can I register my daughter after June 1st? (Back to top)

YES! As long as space remains available, registrations will be accepted.

What will help us prepare for camp? (Back to top)

Start your fluid intake before arriving to camp! It can be extremely hot and humid, coming to camp hydrated and continuing your fluid intake each day while at camp will make your week a more enjoyable experience. We do have Sport Drink available at each meal.

What is the best fan to bring to camp? (Back to top)

We suggest a fan with a stand. Remember your long extension cord and power strip.

Can we bring coolers to camp? (Back to top)

Yes, we have ice for sale in the camp store to keep drinks you may bring to camp cold.

Are we allowed to bring snacks and beverages to camp? (Back to top)

Yes, but we suggest you have a container or zip lock bag to keep any open items. *Please no peanut butter/nuts and check with others in dorm for allergies.
Where do the girls stay at camp? (Back to top)

The dorms are large rooms with plenty of space. Normally 14  or so campers and a dorm counselor stay in one room. We can move beds around to accommodate different size groups. If some teams of 20, 30 or more girls attending together, they will be in the same building. Each dorm has electrical outlets and ceiling fans. New beds were put in all the dorms recently. Beds are twin size beds. The dorms are across from the fields and only 10 walking minutes from the beach.
What are the restroom and shower accommodations? (Back to top)

The bathhouse is 150 feet or less from each dorm. In each Youth Camp there are at least 12 individual showers, sinks, and toilets. When all the fathers are out of camp the ladies take over the entire bathhouse!

When do the girls get to go to the beach? (Back to top)

We have a beach break built into the schedule right after the afternoon session. The girls may go to the camp storel to watch a  movie, stay on the fields for instructional help from the coaches or just relax in their dorms. The beach is a DE State Park life guarded public beach just minutes away from their dorms. Each beach break a Mid Atlantic Staff member is stationed directly behind the head life gaurd stand.

What security is there at your camp? (Back to top)

The camp is located in Cape Henlopen State Park. At night the main park gate is locked and the Youth Camp gate is locked. Park rangers are on patrol 24 hours a day. Field Hockey Director and staff stay on campus. The girls are restricted to our camp area, except for the afternoon beach break.
What do the girls do in the evenings? (Back to top)

We have something every night after their games. Sunday evening, they go to the assembly hall for an orientation meeting. They meet the coaches and staff, and go over all the rules, futures and weekly schedule. Monday-Wednesday evening, they have a camp movie available. Tuesday evening, they go to the dining hall and make their own ice cream sundaes. Wednesday evening there is a voluntary talent show. Girls will be able to sign up with their JC during the week if interested in preforming.
My daughter (is allergic to certain foods), (is a vegetarian), how does the kitchen staff handle this?
(Back to top)

The head of the kitchen staff is Bobbie, she has been with us for 6 plus years. The girls need to go to her and discuss their dietary situations. We usually have plenty of fruit with all meals, with a couple of different entrees. We have a great salad bar with our lunch and dinner meals, plus several different types of drinks. If your daughter has a special dietary need, the parents should stay and see Bobbie before they leave camp. *It is suggested to bring special dietary foods, we will give you storage space in kitchen.
What medical care do you have at camp? (Back to top)

We havemedical staff at camp full time. When the girls are out on the fields, the medical staff are there. If a girl needs any attention before they go out on the field, they need to be at the camp store, 30 minutes before the session starts. We also have the Bebee Hospital in Lewes, 3 miles away, where we take the girls for any emergencies.
How do we register our daughter for the futures program? (Back to top)

The field hockey director, Denise "Gobie" Gobrecht, will announce the time when the girls can participate in the futures try outs. The campers will sign up and at a certain session, they have the futures try outs. Based on their performance at the tryouts, Gobie will nominate the successful group to the USFHA. Our camp can only nominate a certain percentage of our campers.

Who directs your field hockey camp? (Back to top)

Linda Kreiser had been with us for the first 27 years, she was recently inducted into the National Field Hockey Hall of Fame. She was a former All American player and former USA player. She is an outstanding player on the Red Rose club team. Linda has been an important member of the USFHA.  She is one of the most outstanding field hockey coaches in the country. After 27 years as director, in 2004 Linda passed the torch onto Denise "Gobie" Gobrecht, Lock Haven graduate, assistant coach at the home of the PA State Champions Penn Manor HS and coach and director at MAFH since 1978. Please see "Meet the Directors Link" for more details on our Directors.


Can our daughter buy equipment at your camp? (Back to top)

Yes, we sell field hockey sticks, shin guards, eye protection, mouth gaurds, and a lot of shorts & shirts. We also give each girl a camper a shirt when they arrive at camp. We have a camp store where the girls can purchase
snacks and various field hockey equipment.
How much spending money should my daughter bring to camp? (Back to top)

This is a hard question as girls will be girls! Actually the camp fee includes all basic things. At the beach there is a snack bar and we have a camp store. Shirts/tank tops  normally go for $ 10-$15.  Most of our shorts sell for $10-$15. Sweat shirts/pants go for $15-$20. If a girl wants a stick, we sell the finest quality at discounted prices, please compare our prices with your sporting goods stores. Please contact Frannie for order form after June 15th.

When do the girls have to be there on Sunday, and when do we need to pick them up on Thursday? (Back to top)

Check in time on Sunday is 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Pick up time on Thursday is Noon. If you want to watch the games on Thursday, they follow the All Star vs the staff game which begins at 9am. All campers play at least two games thursday am.

Are there telephones in camp? (Back to top)

There is a hard phone line in each camp. Campers may request to use this phone by asking a staff member. Many of the campers bring cell phones. Reception is limited on campus. We have a hard line available for emergencies and the staff have cell phones the campers may use if in need.
What is the camp bank and how does it work? (Back to top)

When the girls arrive at camp, they check in at the camp store/ office/ camp bank, to get their dorm assignments. The  girls then deposit their spending money in the camp bank. The staff writes out how much money each girl deposits on money cards. The money cards are put in a file box under each girl's name. They may withdraw the money as they need it at any time. If they buy anything in the camp store, the staff crosses off the amount on the money card. The bank is open all the time when the girls are not on the field. At the end of the week, the girls are refunded any money they have remaining. This eliminates the temptation to steal in the dorms.

Do the girls play in the rain? (Back to top)

If the rain is not too heavy , they go for it. If there is any lightning in the area, the girls are sent to their dorms immediately. Its a good idea to bring rain gear. If the down pour lasts for several hours, we have indoor education sessions. We divide the girls into 3 groups and go over rules, game situations, and college scholarships & recruiting.  *Newspaper is a great way to dry out shoes and cleats.

Are there bugs at camp? (Back to top)

Yes! We are staying at a 7,000 plus acre state park, they are here, bring you bug spray.

Do we need sunscreen? (Back to top)

Yes, it is mandatory that you apply sunscreen for each session and beach break! The sessions are the most important part of the day to be protected from the sun. Aloe lotion is also a great product to bring with you! Remeber to use UVB blockers. * I would include a good lip balm with a high SPF

Are there any motels/hotels in the area, and can parents come and watch their daughters play in the evening games? (Back to top)

Lewes is a quaint small resort town only 2 miles from the camp. There are several nice motels there. Rehoboth Beach is only 7 miles away from the camp. Parents may come out to camp and watch their daughters play in the evening games starting at 6:15 pm.

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